Let her be herself

Serious Hair Envy

Girls can be so mean to each other…

I remember it like it was yesterday, de-robing in the open plan gym changing room,

exposed, vulnerable and naked.

Suddenly, the Perfect Princess turned her gorgeous face in my direction, tossed her naturally radiant “I don’t do anything special to it” hair and focused on my shimmering white nervousness.  I could see her eyes dancing about my body and her words being carefully considered and selected.   Finally, with a mischievous, cheeky glint in her eye, she raised her hand, pointed at me and proclaimed…

“Hairy Fluff!”

The rest of her Pretty Gang in the Girls changing room found great delight in this and a chorus soon started, while my plain jane comrades scurried to cover their own imperfections.

“Hairy Fluff!  Hairy Fluff!  HAIRY FLUFF!”

I couldn’t help burst out laughing- at least it showed good adjective use by my 3 year old and her friends!