(Inhale deeply…)

“Mummy, what makes the weather?

Do you believe in Lord Jesus?

Can I marry a tree?

Why did Old Dog leave us?


Imagine you died?

What would you do?

Can I play in these puddles?

Can you please wipe my poo?


Can we go swimming?

What is for tea?

When will you have

a baby for me?


What happened to dinos?

Where is my Thor?

Do you love me as much

as when I was four?


Can you push the swing higher?

Can I have some ice cream?

Will space monsters come?

Does our Tractor Beam?


I really love Peppa,

why did you ban it?

Why do you drive,

when it’s killing the planet?


Is my brain big as yours?

What side is my heart

How’d Mr Trump win,

when his name is a fart? (giggles forever!)


This food is dead yucky,

D’you expect me to eat it?

Did Paw Patrol stop

Or did you delete it?


But how does it work?

O’ Guardian Oracle,

Keeper of Knowledge,

And let’s get all technical!


Is it for real

babies burst from your fluff?

If that is the truth,

Mum, you must be quite tough!


I’m just not tired Mummy,

Can you read me another?

And I’ve so much to ask,

Can you stay a while longer?


You look a bit frazzled,

you’re twitching your eye.

Just one final question,

Please tell me Mum….

WHY????  (to ev.ry.thiiiiiing!!!)










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