Masters of the Universe

I am lucky.

I have been raised by parents who never let on that being a girl could mean anything other than equal awesomeness. There was no discussion that my sex could be a hindrance to my career, abilities or dreams. It was never mentioned that my sis and I might face barriers that my brother might not. And thanks to this baseline confidence I can happily report that I charged into adulthood without a single misguided thought about inferiority to boys. Quite the opposite, if anything.

I’ve rarely felt I’ve been unfairly treated on an issue of gender, and have been quick to voice any corrections should they be needed on the matter!

But some are not so lucky and cannot speak up so freely. Only as an adult reflecting on the world my children have joined have I realised these injustices must be addressed. Many countries and industries are still not as forward thinking as my parents and it’s up to those that can be heard, to be heard.

With #marchforwomen taking place globally this weekend, perhaps those dark age doldrumites, especially those in privileged positions of power, will finally start to realise we can all, regardless of sex, be “Masters of the Universe”. Humankind has an affa lot of making up to do to each other and Mother Earth. It’s gonna take a team effort from both the boys & the girls!

#bathroompolitics #aberdeenshiremum #aberdeenshiremumsupportingthesistasasbestshecan #likeagirl #girlboss #awesomelikeagirl #letshearitfortheboystoo


#slogantee #hemanhasgotlessclaesonthanshera

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