All about Me

IMG_3740 (2)Greetings!

So here’s my wee “blog”.

This is the designated “About Page”, so I’m guessing I should tell you a wee bit about me.

Firstly- my pigeon hole box is “Mother of two, Wife. Part time worker. Aberdeenshire, Scotland”.  Obvs, I hope there’s a wee more to me than that!  But I’ll nae bore you with the details-  it’s pretty standard stuff.

I decided to do some jotting down of my ponderings/ rants/ experiences partly to record them, use the old noodle and such (keep Alzheimers at bay, scientifically proven!) but also because long suffering Hubgrub has kinda had enough of me monologuing at him.

This “blog” may be the saving of our marriage!

It also seemed to me that a lot of “family/mummy blogs” were getting a bit out of touch with reality.

I’m nae bashing the original and bests- the gin celebrators with their judging terriers,  unmumsyness or MODlife (though I belly laugh at FOD more- eee, sorry!).  I really enjoy following these wonderful accounts.  I’ve even parted with hard earned cash to read their fab books.

But more and more I was noticing on Instagram & Facebook there has been a swing to “FOMI” (“Fear Of Mummy Inadequacy”) what with all the perfect instashots of monochrome nurseries, Toddler OOTD and beauty routines  I suppose by creating my own wee corner of my take on family life and the total lack of glamour I’m finding it to be, the balance will be, at least in my mind, addressed.

It’s often said it’s good to get things off your chest, though I really hope this doesn’t become one big personal rage fest.  My mission statement will be “Keep it light, keep it real” and if I find I’m wavering from this, it’s time to shut down and find another hobby.   In keeping with this, the photos will be mostly with a standard smart phone as I have enough shit in my bag without carrying a fancy camera- however much I’d love to.

I truly hope you enjoy my ditties.

Now, I’ve wasted far too much time on this- the washing beckons, again.

(BTW- if anyone finds my beauty routine, circa 2006, could you post it back, POST BOX “when I gave a shit”).